A Pack of Two by Jacky Russell

A Pack of Two by Jacky Russell

A witch and a werewolf. A pack of two.

Master Sergeant Breanna Welker loves hockey games, cheesy fries, and being second in command of the U.S. Army’s Bravo Company. The fact that her commanding officer is a vampire and most of her fellow soldiers are werewolves doesn’t slow her down a bit. Her colorful vocabulary and uncompromising loyalty have endeared her to her unit, who don’t give a damn she’s a shape-shifting witch.

Lucas Benelli can’t boast the same loyalty from the people close to him. His father is the Alpha of the largest known werewolf pack in the world–a pack Lucas is expected to be the leader of. But Lucas has spent most of his life avoiding contact with his father’s pack and they don’t seem to like him much either.

Together, they forge a connection not even Lucas’s dysfunctional pack or Breanna’s meddling unit can break–and come face-to-face with the hardest choice either of them has ever had to make.

CONTENT WARNING: Includes a horde of evil witches, and one deliciously wicked witch with Mother Nature at her beck and call.

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance

Copyright 2012, Jacky Russell
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

His fingers brushed my jaw as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear. “You are so beautiful.”

His eyes were like pools of chocolate and I was drowning. It was a good way to die.

Our booth shook. We had company. Damn.

“Bre, why didn’t you answer your phone? Who the hell are you?” Aaron growled at Lucas.

Lucas’s eyes went silver.

“Aaron Miller, this is Lucas Benelli.” I hoped a neutral tone would rattle them out of their eyeball battle. It didn’t. “What do you want, Aaron?”

He ignored me and continued the staring contest with Lucas. The scent and feel of the air was changing. The humans felt the disturbance and turned to look. Not good.

“Lieutenant Miller, what is your business here? And don’t play the selective deafness card because I know you heard me.”

Lucas leaned back from the table and wrapped my hand in his. He was giving Aaron a chance to back out of this stupid dominance game all the werewolves played. Aaron didn’t take the hint. He leaned forward.

“Aaron. Stop. Now.”

There was a slight tremor in his eyes but he would not disengage. Lucas, the more dominant, let out a breath before turning to me. His eyes were almost completely silver.

Lucas ground his teeth while staring into my eyes. I was eyeball-to-eyeball with his wolf.

“Thank you,” I said.

Lucas dipped his head and closed his eyes. The air around us calmed as he took both my hands in his. The power coursing through him was incredible. Rage, dominance, strength.

“Hey, Bre!” Ordy shouted over the milling humans. He strolled over and stopped abruptly beside Aaron. “Take it down a notch, Miller. You don’t want none of him.” Ordy nodded toward Lucas while waving a hand in front in Aaron.

Aaron’s eyes flitted to me. Lucas eased forward. The air was stuffy again, dominance flowing freely.

“Lucas?” I squeezed his fingers.

A muscle ticked in his jaw. I glanced at Ordy and inclined my head to Aaron. “Ordy, can you take him out and find a fire hydrant to keep him entertained?”

Ordy gave me a sly grin before grabbing Aaron by the arm. Aaron tried to snatch away but there was no getting away from Ordy’s meat hooks. “We’re supposed to bring you back to base, Bre. DuChard recalled us from the run. Something about a new sighting we have to check out.”

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Ordy yanked Aaron from the bench. “We’ll wait outside.”

“Thanks, Ordy. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Lucas squeezed my fingers again, bowed his head, and closed his eyes. After several moments, he looked up, his eyes mostly brown, a crooked smile on his face. “Sorry about that.” His cheeks flushed an adorable shade of pink. “My wolf really likes you.”

His wolf liked me? What the hell did that mean?

Aaron tapped on the window and pointed to his watch. I rolled my eyes and motioned for him to go away.

“I gotta go before they start peeing on the light poles.”

Lucas smiled and shook his head. I wanted to grab him by the ears and kiss the breath out of him.

  • ISBN: 9781616504236
  • Genre: Paranormal /Romance / Shifter
  • Length: 95,000 words
  • Epub page count: 275
  • Publication Date: November 5, 2010
  • Available Format: Digital