Claiming Ana goes on tour today!

Join me for a blog tour to celebrate the release of Claiming Ana on February 3rd, 2014!

*(R) indicates a review

1/20 – 3/18

1/20:  Review - Inner Goddess (R)

1/25:  Guest Blog/Review – Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews

1/30:  Interview - Behind Closed Doors

1/31:  Interview – Diane’s Book Blog

2/1:  Review - Phenominal Review

2/2:  Character Interview – Eden […]

Werewolves and Romance

It’s the month of October, when things that go-bump-in-the-night creep to the forefront of our minds.

Hi, I’m Mae Clair and I’m thrilled to be participating in Lyrical Press’s Celebrate Paranormal Month. It’s a month long funfest with new blog posts and a different book featured every day. We hope […]

Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner

Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner
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Please check back soon for a detailed description of Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner

An Urban Fantasy coming May 2014.



A Lyrical Press Urban Fantasy

Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner

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Odonata by Jessica Zellman

Odonata by Jessica Zellman
Vampires may think they are the ultimate predators…but they’re wrong.

Forty years ago, Katrina Templair forfeited her human life and became an Odonata, a creature that preys on vampires. Her world is black and white. Odonata are good. Vampires are bad. Humans…who cares about humans?

But everything changes […]

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Nephilim by Mary Ann Loesch

Nephilim by Mary Ann Loesch
When sin stains your soul, he tattoos your skin…
Tattoo artist Nathan Ink is more than he seems. An angel living in secret on earth, he forces his clients to face their flaws by tattooing images of their sins on their bodies, but this glimpse into […]

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Death Sword by Pamela Turner

Death Sword by Pamela Turner
The only thing more dangerous than an angel of death is one obsessed with vengeance.
Karla Black has always known she’s different from other people. She learns just how different after she’s fatally stabbed and brought back to life as a half-human angel of death.With newfound […]

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