Spark of Desire
by Christa Maurice
Digital Edition $2.99

ISBN: 9781616501112
Jessica dreams of putting out fires but can she cope with fanning the flames of Kevin’s smoldering heart?
When she turns thirty, Jessica realizes time is running out if she wants to pursue her dream of being a firefighter and paramedic. Kevin offers her the opportunity to make her dream a reality, but both are unprepared for the flames of desire their meeting ignites.

But what’s with Kevin? He flirts with her, then pushes her away. Not that she needs the complication of starting a new job with a reputation anyway. Jessica decides she’ll just concentrate on her training instead of the dreamy guy who can’t make up his mind.

Friends complicate the matter even further, wreaking havoc on Jessica’s plans to stay focused solely on her goal. As Jessica’s tests approach, she and Kevin must come to terms with their burgeoning love for each other. Will circumstances snuff their chances for happiness?
WARNING: Light BDSM, kink, explicit sex.
Publication Date: January 4, 2012  - Word Count: Not available – E-Pub Page Count: Not available