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Romance authors rock! You take everyday events, ask what if, and twist them into compelling plots filled with conflict, tension, suspense, joy, disaster and fun ending in two deserving people finding their Happily Ever After. Interesting people, sticky situations and tricky […]

One Ring to Rule by Christa Maurice

One Ring to Rule
by Christa Maurice
Digital Edition $0.99

ISBN: 9781616500122
One spurned editor, one groveling prodigal artist and one hundred thousand eavesdropping fans.
Lindsey Cartwright didn’t set out to become the Wicked Witch of Comics. But then she fell for hot-shot artist Kent Farrington…and got dumped. When he walked out, he left her with no explanation and zero sense of humor.

Kent knows he’s got a hard road ahead if he wants to win Lindsey back. He’ll need to catch her at the perfect time, in the perfect place. What could be better than the biggest comic book convention of the year?
WARNING: Nosy fans, extreme cinnamon buns and vulgar lemons.
Publication Date: September 1, 2008  - Length: Short
Available At: Amazon Kindle – B&N Nook - I-Tunes – Lyrical Store

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