Renee Rocco -Managing Director: | Renee Rocco started in publishing in 2006. Along with being a multi-published author, acclaimed cover artist, and an editor, she’s also worked with authors to create dynamic and successful marketing campaigns. Renee has shared her publishing knowledge with writing communities such as Liberty States Fiction Writers, various chapters of Romance Writers of America, Romance In the Backseat, and Savvy Authors.

Penny Barber – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
In a sleepy rural town, the sidewalks roll up early, leaving Penny Barber ample time to frolic with words. She strives to coax and cajole them into vibrant worlds, remarkable characters, and exciting situations. Since she actually enjoys studying the tricks of the trade, she continually expands her writer’s toolbox and is happy to share her tools. She’s looking for strong, savvy characters, flawed, but redeemable, willing to battle anything fate throws them to improve their world and earn their happy ending. Paranormal hotties who embrace their badness—yes. Fantasy lovers who steam up every room they enter—please. Contemporary career focused ice queens and kings who learn a new kind of strength in surrender—oh yeah. Intriguing worlds, intimidating bad guys, compelling conflicts—bring it!

Paige Christian – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
If you believe family lore, Paige Christian surrounded herself with books before she could walk. Never without at least one book in hand, she became a huge fan of genre fiction–urban fantasy, mysteries, paranormal and more. Above all, though, she fell in love with romance of nearly every flavor and never looked back. Paige is interested in any genre Lyrical acquires. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been published or not. If you have a great story with strong characters, a solid and unique voice, exceptional storytelling skills and the ability to make her forget about her coffee until it has gone cold, she wants your submission.

Marci Clark – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
There is no direct path to figure out Marci’s interests. She is a multi-published author, freelance journalist, editor, designer, and an apparent lifelong member of the PTA. She enjoys reading anything contemporary, no matter the heat level. Humor is a bonus, but she’ll love you forever if you give her a story that rips her heart out. She is looking for romantic and erotic tales that are character-driven. She welcomes any gender combination and would love to see romances for mature adults. She is looking for strong/intelligent characters, compelling stories, and believable relationships. Though she loves flawed individuals, she is turned off by any character who is inexplicably mean, overly victimized, or just plain clueless. She isn’t interested in sci-fi or paranormal.

Corinne Demaagd – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
Corinne has traveled and lived all over the world, and after fifteen years gone, has just recently returned to Michigan with her family to plant some roots for her young boys. She is partial to any stories set in Scotland, Ireland and Australia where she lived, as a little bit of her heart remains in each. Inspiring, compelling, funny, and tear-jerker stories, capable of keeping her reading until two in the morning, make her a happy woman. If she isn’t reading, writing or editing, she is spending time with her little ones, and after that – there isn’t much left to the day! She dreams of getting back some of her old adventuresome life soon, riding and sailing (maybe downhill skiing since she is now in Michigan!), but until then, she lives vicariously through her books.
Preferred genres: All subgenres of romance and erotic romance

Helen Hardt – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
Bio coming soon

Jennifer Herrington – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
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Heidi Moore – Content/Developmental Editor
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Elysabeth Williams – Content/Developmental and Acquisitions Editor:
Jill of all trades, mistress of just a couple, Elysabeth teeters on the edge of the publishing fence as a multi-published author and editor. In a novel, she wants hard *cough* men with a soft heart – the bad boy who is ready for a change, whether he knows it yet or not. A heroine who puts up a fight for her life, her heart, and what she thinks is right. Elysabeth craves the romance set in seemingly impossible places– paranormal, historical, dystopian, alternate history, steampunk, fantasy.

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